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Silenced as mercury rises

In 2014, we began a production which took us to a worldwide major issue. Human contamination by mercury. 

To human health and the environment, mercury is one of the most dangerous chemicals. We can find it everywhere. It is a neurotoxin with a global reach.  Mercury can be find naturally but it is also produced by human activity. Mercury is one of the most toxic and deadly metal on earth.

Mercury is proven to create cancer, generative diseases, mental illness, depression and much more.  Yet, we still find it in our everyday living like lamp bulbs. 

This movie exposes the problems led by mercury and other heavy metals. It is a big problem, because of mercury, women are asked not to eat fish during pregnancy. Developing fetuses are most at risk to the contamination. It can cause autism and neurological disorders. 

Through our filming, we have filmed and interviewed some of the world authority class in the field of mercury and very influential people. 

The good news is that there are solutions and available treatments.  This is why our movie will also bring SOLUTIONS. 


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