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Corporate videos & infomercials:


PHIT America is a national charity that started in January 2013. While the name PHIT sounds like FIT, it also has another meaning. PHIT stands for Personal Health Investment Today. 

The founder and CEO, Jim Baugh, is a Sports Industry Hall of Fame and Tennis Industry Hall of Fame inductee. He’s also the former President of Wilson Sporting Goods, VP Marketing & Sales at Prince, and USTA Board Member.

PHIT America aims to dramatically improve the health of Americans, especially children, by implementing ‘pro-activity’ programs for total health – stronger bodies and minds mean improved health and better academic performance!

PHIT America released an eye opening 30-minute infomercial and other videos and interviews which be broadcasted on national TV and social media. These videos  cover:

  • The inactivity pandemic

  • The ramifications on children’s health and academic performance

  • Interviews with children, parents, top doctors and brain & learning experts

  • The benefits of physical activity

  • Success stories on physical education and our GO! Grants

  • How PHIT America is creating more PHIT kids healthier & smarterTarget ​

The overall goal is to educate America on the dramatic impact of the Inactivity Pandemic and get one million of children off the couch to be more active, fit and healthy while having fun… for better health!


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